Sunday, April 15, 2012

Together at the Zoo

March’s outing as a family was to the zoo. We had a lot of conflicting activities going on that day for church and scouts and home, but with Soren being gone so much we just decided to ditch them all for a trip to the zoo as a family. The weather was wonderful and we had a great time. It was much needed by all. Of course I forgot my memory card for my big camera so all of my photos are from my phone.


Checking out the elephants.



We decided to just do the loop around the African animals. The zoo takes a long time with two toddlers. No surprise. The real surprise was that our county gets discounted tickets to the zoo so until Easton turns 3 it was only $10 for all of us to get in. Score! I plan on taking the kids back quite a few times this year.


The boys’ favorite animal was the polar bear. They loved to watch him swim and Kesler can even say ‘polar bear’ now.

We’ll be back zoo!


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Anne said...

Hey Kilee! This is Carson. I opened up Anne's laptop and found your blog open, and thought I would take a look and catch up on you guys. So glad I did. Love to hear about everything you are up to. Life sounds busy but fulfilling and fun with your two cute boys! You are super mom! Seriously, I'm impressed with how creative you are and all your efforts to raise those boys while keeping your sanity at the same time. Say hi to Soren for me, tell him not to work toooo hard. The other day Anne showed me a pic off your blog with him practicing repelling with Easton, that cracked me up. Soren is quite the adventure guy, glad he can enjoy it with his son. Hope we can meet up with you guys in the future. Miss you guys a lot. All the best! - Carson