Sunday, April 15, 2012

More March

We started working on the lawn this month. It felt great to pick up some new mulch and give the lawn a little face lift. Easton was great helper in purchasing and spreading it. IMG_0510

Easton is almost big enough for these jammies I found at a garage sale last year. When I pulled them out he was thrilled! For the first time he refused to take them off and get dressed for the day. He claimed he already was. It was too cute to argue with so we made our trip to Target in them.


We go to music group at the church every week. We have been doing so for the last year, but my kids still refuse to participate in almost every way. They prefer to watch. And wear my sunglasses.


Rare moment of Kesler almost participating.


For St. Patrick’s Day we made green waffles for dinner the night before. Then we turned around and had green pancakes for breakfast at Grandma’s that morning. Yum!



Easton helped me plant some herbs for my window sill. We read the Little Critter book “Green, Green Garden” and he has been a little obsessed with gardens. He is sure that the mulch we put down is his “Green, Green Garden.”


At the end of March my Mom and Dad watch the kids all day so we could drive to St. Louis to attend the temple. I wanted to go once before our temple here in Kansas City was dedicated. The kids did great with Mom and Dad, although they were all worn out for sure. Soren and I had a really nice trip. We didn’t take many pictures, but it was wonderful to have a whole day away. We drove down and stopped at an Army Surplus store on the way down. I found some awesome mine and grenade crates to decorate with and Soren got a new knife. IMG_0529

The temple was so peaceful and stress free. We did a little more shopping and got dinner afterwards. Driving home went well and we even manage to toast come Pop Tarts on the heat vents.


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