Sunday, April 15, 2012


At the beginning of the year I sat down and tried to plan one family outing/activity a month. It gives me something to look forward to and hopefully make some family memories. In February we went to a Children’s Museum down south and had a wonderful time. I really wish it were closer to us. I didn’t take pictures to do it justice, but they had so many rooms to be creative in and learn. The room for kids under 2 was just PERFECT for Kesler. He could do all the stairs and ramps and slides because they were his size. It was almost like physical therapy for him. Definitely worth the money to go at least once this year.



My friend Mandy and I have been trading babysitting probably once a week for the past few months. Easton and Kesler LOVE going to their house and its been such a great arrangement. Mandy sent me this picture of Kesler climbing her shelves to get to the M&Ms. They are his favorite candy and Mandy’s trick to winning him over. Silly kid!


Speaking of favorites- Kesler’s favorite foods right now are Greek yogurt and applesauce. We go through a lot of them. Just some more fun pics of Kesler this month.




For playgroup this month we went to a park (so windy!), the mall play area to ride the carousel, and decorated cookies for Valentine’s day.







Soren worked and worked and worked in February. He pulled multiple all nighters. He is up for promotion in June and was giving a lot of managing roles this busy season. The managing is a good thing, but the extra responsibility and learning curve just took a lot of time. We didn’t really do much for Valentine’s day because of his work schedule. I got a heart pizza for the kids and we had a quiet night. Soren ordered me some new make up brushes that I had asked for and those went over well. Thanks babe!



I spent some time working on decorating this house this month too. Got a few projects on the way. Found this little guy at an antique shop and just had to have him for our bookcase.


We added these growth charts to our Etsy shop at the end of January. The proceeds of them have been buying Soren some much needed tools and our three month food storage. In November our RS put forward the goal of every family in our stake having their three month food storage by April 2012 General Conference. I started working on it full force in January and we were very blessed to find a way to finance it.


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