Sunday, April 15, 2012


January was the start of Soren’s busy auditing season and life became a little more of survival mode for all of us. It takes about 3 weeks for me to accept and adjust to the new normal of Soren coming come at or after 10 every night. I feel like I accepted the reality of it pretty early on so the transition wasn’t too bad for me and the kids.

Soren worked a lot and slept very little. The kids and I got into our routine of story time on Mondays, playgroup on Wednesdays and music group on Fridays. We had a very warm month and were able to go outside a lot too.

I got and iPhone for Christmas and have loved having it to take random and easy pictures with.



We went to an indoor play area for playgroup.


Easton and I made some crafts found on Pinterest. We made this easy garage for his cars and it has been a real hit. Pretty easy and a long lasting entertainment.


Easton and Kesler continue to like to help me cook. I usually have one of them perched on the counter with me whenever I am making something. They both helped pick out and eat all of the olives in this salad.


My fun thing that started in January is a figure drawing sketch group that some women in my area started. We draw for two hours every Saturday night with a live model. It has been very rewarding and I think I have been steadily improving. This is from my earliest sessions and I can say I for sure have gotten better since then. I always feel like sitting on my bum and watching a movie on Saturday nights, but once I go I always am glad I did. Its got to be better for me than watching an extra movie each week.


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