Friday, June 10, 2011

St. Louis with Dad

Soren had a training in St. Louis for work a few weeks ago and we decided to tag along for some vacation time with Dad! The trip wasn’t as much as a vacation as we had hoped, but we did have some fun. It turns out babies don’t take naps or stay in their beds at hotels. We felt like it was a live and learn adventure. We definitely learned that we aren’t doing that again any time soon.

The hotel didn’t end up being very nice and we had crazy weather while we were there. The boys and I spend a lot of time in our room and running the hotel halls while it rained, Kesler slept and Dad was in meetings. I did get to take the boys to the zoo and we walked downtown to see the Arch. We also did a little shopping and found a Five Guys. The craziest part of our trip was trying to get home. We were supposed to check out of our hotel just as a HUGE storm full of tornados was supposed to hit St. Louis. It had come from Kansas City so we had no chance of avoiding it had we left earlier. We headed to REI after we checked out because Soren felt like that would be the place to be if a disaster struck. We waited out tornado sirens there and ended up at Borders while the worst of the rains hit. Luckily there were no tornados in our area and we were able to drive home safely, but we were pretty nervous after all of the devastation in Joplin the week before.











Kesler is coming up on 8 months. I’ve been thinking about this age with Easton. It is so fun to see babies become little humans and get excited about life. This is when we decided to get pregnant with Kesler- but believe me that thought is not around now!  We felt like we knew and wanted to have another little boy to be Easton’s little brother and best friend. When I found out I was pregnant, we just knew he was a boy. I even guessed my due date and was only off by a day. I had also picked up a Newborn size Halloween costume the year before thinking someday it would work for one of our babies. Turns out it would work for the next one.

Well it was a little boy and what a sweet one he is! So far Easton hasn’t ever wanted much to do with him. He has ignored him except to complain if Kesler touches him or takes a toy. Well lately Easton is warming up to him. I love seeing his kindness to his little brother. It gives me a glimpse of how Heavenly Father feels when we are kind to our brothers and sisters. Easton will go and entertain Kesler in his crib, fetch him toys, and reassures him “its k”- (its okay) when he is sad. The other day on the way to my parents Kesler was crying and Eason talked* in a baby voice to Kesler the whole time about how we were going to see Grandma and Logan (Easton’s favorite uncle.) He even held his hand. I’m sure they will soon be the best of friends.




*Easton doesn’t really talk except in one word sentences. Talking about visiting Grandma or Logan basically means saying their names on repeat.

Memorial Day 2011

Oh how fun it is to be around family for holidays- even smaller ones like Memorial Day! We had a great long weekend of spring cleaning and organizing and spending time with my parents and brothers.

Soren was great and really helped me get the house clean from top to bottom. The house was so clean when we moved in, but after 6 months of busy season and two babies, neither of us had had time to really keep it up. We cleaned the carpets, wiped walls and baseboards and even oiled the kitchen cabinets. It felt great! For Mother’s Day Soren gave me new towels and rugs for our bathroom. I finally picked out the ones I wanted at Kohls and I love how they look.

On Sunday night we went downtown to a Memorial Day celebration with music, cannons and fireworks. I made No-Bake Cookies and we had caramel popcorn and treats. The kids played ball on the grass and we visited. I was nervous about the fireworks with Kesler, but he LOVED them. He just watched and smiled and cooed the whole time. Easton loved them too. It was such a fun time!









Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Piggy and his Pancake

Kesler is such our little piggy. He loves food!!! Anything I am drinking or eating he literally dives for it! He doesn't care what it is- but he knows when we are eating. Soren let him at a plate of pancakes and it was adorable.

Kesler is 7 months now and getting big! He is becoming more mobile and can roll and spin like a pro. We are still working on sleeping through the night, but steadily improving. Kesler is such a sweet, happy little guy. He LOVES his older brother and constantly watches his every move. He can't wait to be the little side-kick!

Playgroup at the Farm

We have an awesome playgroup in our area and have had lots of fun every Wednesday. I'll be planning it next year so hopefully its still fun! Anyways we got to go out to visit a farm a few weeks ago and saw some babies cows and chicks. I enjoyed it as much as he did!

Easton chased the baby cows around their pen and muddied his little boots. There is nothing like baby animals!

Temple Run 2011 5K

In April we our family ran in the first annual Kansas City Temple Run 5K. Soren pushed both babies in the stroller and I ran solo. We had a great time! Neither of us were really in shape or prepared, but we dug deep and pulled out a pretty good race. The temple looked great and there were lots of runners and cheerers. We will definitely be running again next year!

Sporting my racing headband- I got it at the Salt Lake City Half Marathon and have worn it for all races since. :)

Family photo at the temple.

My brother Cody ran too. It was so fun to see him and sweat together!