Friday, June 10, 2011

St. Louis with Dad

Soren had a training in St. Louis for work a few weeks ago and we decided to tag along for some vacation time with Dad! The trip wasn’t as much as a vacation as we had hoped, but we did have some fun. It turns out babies don’t take naps or stay in their beds at hotels. We felt like it was a live and learn adventure. We definitely learned that we aren’t doing that again any time soon.

The hotel didn’t end up being very nice and we had crazy weather while we were there. The boys and I spend a lot of time in our room and running the hotel halls while it rained, Kesler slept and Dad was in meetings. I did get to take the boys to the zoo and we walked downtown to see the Arch. We also did a little shopping and found a Five Guys. The craziest part of our trip was trying to get home. We were supposed to check out of our hotel just as a HUGE storm full of tornados was supposed to hit St. Louis. It had come from Kansas City so we had no chance of avoiding it had we left earlier. We headed to REI after we checked out because Soren felt like that would be the place to be if a disaster struck. We waited out tornado sirens there and ended up at Borders while the worst of the rains hit. Luckily there were no tornados in our area and we were able to drive home safely, but we were pretty nervous after all of the devastation in Joplin the week before.











Heather said...

Yeah traveling with kids is hard. I think we learned that lesson a while ago and it is sometimes just kinda like oh well. When we went to Atlanta last year we just kept going all day and if either of them naped then great. It was usually in the car for a short while or a stroller ride. That is to bad the weather was yucky--I love st. louis and hopefully you guys can get back to see more of the city. There are so many fun things to do.

Rob and Marseille said...

scary about the tornadoes!! said...