Thursday, April 21, 2011

Old vs. New

I got my new camera this week!!!! I am very excited to learn the in’s and out’s of it. It will really help our product photos for ONE little BELT, but also our family and event photos. I am amazed at the difference between my new DSLR camera on auto mode and our old point and shoot  camera. Here are a few shots just messing around with it/them.

Old camera


New Camera


Old Camera


New Camera


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Stage Fright

So, I learned something new about myself last night. I have bad stage fright. I always knew that I hated to do things on a stage or perform or play charades or like games. I have a big fear of looking silly in front of other people, so I opt out of a lot of things. Well, yesterday I was trying to get my hubby to take my picture to enter a give-away on one of my favorite fashion blogs. And I was so awkward!! It makes sense because I feel that way in all of the previous mentioned events, but this time I was surprised and really frustrated!!!!

I really enjoy fashion, style and clothes- but I was too embaressed to take a picture of the thing (outfits) I put effort and time into. So this is something I want to get over! I am sick of being embaressed about something I enjoy. Maybe this will be the start of a new confidence movement for me.

Anyways here are the pictures. The first two are from last night. I included an awkward one, although they are both awkward to me.
The last one is another try today. I felt slightly less weird.

I really did like both of these Mom-style outfits and feel like although I am a mom, I can still dress my age. Here is a link to one of my favorite blogs. I think you will all enjoy it too!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Sunshine and Fresh Cut Grass

Having a yard is such a blessing! I love being able to send Easton out there and let him explore. He just wanders around the backyard hitting trees with sticks, running up and down our small hill, drawing with chalk, and calling for the neighbors Kitty. it just warms my heart to watch him out there playing with the cat and soaking up some sun. He is such a good little boy and is very good about knowing his boundries. It’s a common sight to see him out there in a diaper, t-shirt and some rain boots. Adorable!


We are also learning all about taking care of our own yard for the first time! We bought weed killer and rakes and hoses and fertilizer. Soren has been researching lawn mowers and edgers. It was such a fun feeling to mow it (or watch Soren mow it) for the first time!


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Kesler at 6 months

Kesler is almost six months and is getting cuter and more fun every day. I love this age when they start to coo, giggle, and take on a stronger personality. He has also been putting on some weight so he is even more fun to squeeze and roll around.

Having two kids so close together really makes their personalities show. I love seeing their differences and what is unique to each kid as opposed to a typical  ___ month old behavior.

Easton was always trying to look around, see the world and get out on his own. He always seemed like such a little man to us and has a tough, independent spirit.

Kesler on the other hand, has been so different. He is my cuddly one, but also the sensitive one. When he doesn’t feel good, he lets everyone know. He does not like to be left to cry. If he is, he will hold it against you and let you know just how sad and upset it made him for the next half hour. Because of these things teething and sleeping on his own have been big challenges that I didn’t have with Easton.

We sure love how happy and smiley he is all of the rest of the time though! He loves to watch Easton and play with Dad. Soren has got him doing balancing tricks already although Kesler doesn’t seem to be the thrill seeker like Easton yet.


I am trying very hard to keep Kesler away from sweets and adult food for longer than we did with Easton, but Dad still foils those plans sometimes. I am sure I don’t even know the things he has snuck in Kesler’s mouth so far, but I did see this pizza go in. Smile 


Kesler sure loves to snuggle and kiss. I love it!


He is such a ham sometimes!



We are trying out rice cereal, green beans and carrots so far. He wants to eat anything we are eating and LOVES to drink water from a cup or a Sippy cup.


Having two babies sure is tough sometimes, but we love it! They are the best and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

10 Minutes away….

We are getting a temple in our area very soon, so last Sunday we went over to check it out. The weather was sunny, but very windy so we took a quick walk around and enjoyed what we saw!

Easton sporting his shades and hiding under the stroller. Kesler is tucked in behind sleeping. I can’t say enough how much I love our Phil and Ted’s stroller. It has been just the thing for having two babies.



The beautiful Kansas City Temple. The outside is basically done, but the inside is just a big open space. It might be done by the end of the year.


Kelser woke up and was doing his best to peek out. I can’t even describe how cute this kid is!


Easton and Dad on the rock pile of the construction site. Somehow Easton found the only mud around and tracked it all home. He is such a boy!!


At the end of this month our whole family is going to run in the Temple Run 5K. The course will be around the area of the temple and it seems like everyone is training for it. I am amazed at how out of shape I am too. I never thought 3.2 miles would be so tough, but I am straining to be ready for the big day! Needless to say Soren will be the one pushing the babies in the jogging stroller while I work up a sweat alongside. We are excited and can’t wait to watch the temple move toward completion!