Sunday, April 17, 2011

Kesler at 6 months

Kesler is almost six months and is getting cuter and more fun every day. I love this age when they start to coo, giggle, and take on a stronger personality. He has also been putting on some weight so he is even more fun to squeeze and roll around.

Having two kids so close together really makes their personalities show. I love seeing their differences and what is unique to each kid as opposed to a typical  ___ month old behavior.

Easton was always trying to look around, see the world and get out on his own. He always seemed like such a little man to us and has a tough, independent spirit.

Kesler on the other hand, has been so different. He is my cuddly one, but also the sensitive one. When he doesn’t feel good, he lets everyone know. He does not like to be left to cry. If he is, he will hold it against you and let you know just how sad and upset it made him for the next half hour. Because of these things teething and sleeping on his own have been big challenges that I didn’t have with Easton.

We sure love how happy and smiley he is all of the rest of the time though! He loves to watch Easton and play with Dad. Soren has got him doing balancing tricks already although Kesler doesn’t seem to be the thrill seeker like Easton yet.


I am trying very hard to keep Kesler away from sweets and adult food for longer than we did with Easton, but Dad still foils those plans sometimes. I am sure I don’t even know the things he has snuck in Kesler’s mouth so far, but I did see this pizza go in. Smile 


Kesler sure loves to snuggle and kiss. I love it!


He is such a ham sometimes!



We are trying out rice cereal, green beans and carrots so far. He wants to eat anything we are eating and LOVES to drink water from a cup or a Sippy cup.


Having two babies sure is tough sometimes, but we love it! They are the best and we wouldn’t have it any other way.


Kevin & Sarah Lockard said...

kesler is getting so big! It really is interesting to see how different our kids are. Connor is such a different baby than Ethan was. Kesler sure is a cutie! We miss you guys!
PS. Sorry I didn't call you back yet. I had a crazy busy week last week with dr's appointments and it was our big RS activity. I'll call you back soon!

Maman A Droit said...

Your boys are ridiculously adorable! My son is definitely a pretty intense little guy, always wanting held and very vocal about his desires and dislikes-it does make it easy to figure out what he wants, even if it can be tiring trying to fulfill all his needs sometimes. I've heard stories of babies willing to do things like sit in swings or sleep without actually touching their mama 24/7. I'm kinda hoping next time I have a baby I get to meet one of these mythical "easy" babies, even though I wouldn't change my son for the world :) I just try to tell myself it means he'll be really driven when he's an adult!

Kelli Duthrie said...

I can't believe how much Kesler has grown! I haven't even met him yet! He is so cute!

Megan said...

So cute! Your description of Kesler reminds me a lot of James. It is so much fun to have a little boy that loves to cuddle.

Seidi said...

Miss you! I want to see both of your boys. I can't believe how big Kesler is getting!