Monday, September 29, 2008

Yes, We Are Still Alive

Hi all. Its been a while since we have posted news, but I am here to update.
We made it to Washington and have taken up residence in Lynnwood, just outside of Seattle. We are now in a townhouse that is thankfully twice the size of our old apartment. The complex we live in is small and about 50% are members of the church. Our neighbors are really nice and I think we'll make friends soon. Aside from all that we really miss home.

Soren started work at Moss Adams accounting firm a few days after we got here. We got this job offer 2 years ago after a great experience interning and Moss Adams was kind enough to wait for us to finish school. It looks like it will be a pretty intense next few years. The first few weeks have been pretty slow with a lot of trainings, but Soren is kind of the new golden boy around there and it seems like they have saved a lot of work for him to do. He is doing an auditing rotation until next April and then will be doing the tax rotation. Last week he went to a training for three days in South Seattle and he will be traveling out of town everyother week for the next while.

Soren took the regulations section of the CPA exam right before we left and did AWESOME! We are so proud of his 92! The next section is scheduled for October 31 so he is busy trying to prepare for that one. Wish him luck!

Things have been a slower start for me here in Seattle. I have been putting the house together and unpacking. No job yet, but I am still looking for what I actually want to do. Moving is hard.

Well thats all the news for now.