Sunday, December 11, 2011

Target Practice

In the past, if we ever talked about moving close to my family, Soren’s biggest complaint was that Missouri had no mountains. What would he do for fun?? We’ll now that we have moved to Missouri, he has found a few things.

As a kid he was into archery and even made his own arrows to shoot in the backyard. He has gotten back into that hobby and bought a longbow about a year ago. He has tested out several over the last year and built quite a few targets too. The hay bales in the field behind us also have taken a few arrows. Soren really enjoys shooting to let off steam after work and has gotten really good. Here are a few shots of him in action.



Being the craftsman he is, he has handmade many items needed for archery. He made his quiver and arm guard out of leather and they turned out amazing. He would really like to get into making his own arrows and has bought some of the supplies to do it.

His latest project was this bow rack. It turned out perfect! All he needs is a man cave to hang it in. The unfinished basement will have to do for now.


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Oh, Dad!

Soren is the indulger in our family. He is the one who will take the boys romping in the fields when it is 30 degrees, allows the boys to drink straight from the gallon of milk, and shares too many sweets with them. What a Dad!





We had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year. It felt very easy to celebrate all of the amazing things we have to be grateful for this year. All month I have been keeping a gratitude journal and counting my blessings often. The things I have found myself listing most often are my husband and my two wonderful little boys. I am so grateful for everything they bring to my life every day.

I was also grateful to go to my family’s house for dinner. My Mom made the turkey and I brought some sides. We had a really nice, productive day at our house. We cleaned and did projects until it was time for dinner. Easton helped me make Pumpkin pie from scratch.



Dinner was delicious. My brother Broch came and brought his dog Leah.




What a great year this year has been. We are grateful for all of our blessings and the challenges too.