Sunday, April 22, 2012

School Lunch

On Friday my boys and I got to go visit Uncle Thompson at school for lunch. We were part of Thompson’s show-and-tell as well. Earlier in the week I bought Easton and Kesler their first lunch boxes and they were so excited to use them. I had a great time packing their lunches the night before and they just melted my heart swinging their tiny lunches into the school. Thompson had fun sitting at the special table with us and then after lunch he got to introduce us to his class. It was a fun little activity that makes us so happy to live near family.







Thursday, April 19, 2012


Over Easter weekend we also had the pleasure of having a best friend from high school stay the night at our house. When I heard her and her hubby were looking for a place to crash I jumped to invite them and then thought, “I don’t have a guest room!! Where am I going to put them???” Needless to say, I was inspired to get a guest room going quickly!

We moved Kesler into Easton’s room for the night they were here and he has since stayed there. That freed up our third bedroom for guests and possibly an office in the future. I actually anticipate putting our third kid in there someday, so I didn’t want to spend much decorating. That way I can change it up without regret later. I ended up being pretty happy with the results and feel great about having guests come and stay. Please come!


I found this night stand on the side of the road and it was in perfect condition. I changed the hardware on the drawer to update it a little, but it was a great find!


Made this monogram pillow with some extra burlap and spray paint.


I was happy to have an excuse to buy fresh flowers and let someone else read my many magazines. Also picked up some favorite treats for Kim and Ben.


I made the curtains out of an old, long, curtain swag that we never use. They are much better than the old curtain.


Also picked up a new fuzzy throw and threw together some cream tissue paper flower/balls. My friend Mandy helped me cut a vinyl quote for the wall which I framed with an old empty frame.

Anyways, just wanted to share and record some decorating successes. I am sad I didn’t get any pictures with my actual friends. I guess we were too busy talking and catching up. Thanks for coming guys!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Egg Hunting

After church on Easter we went over to Grandma and Grandpa’s for dinner. We celebrated Uncle Logan’s birthday at the same time and thus had Thai food for dinner instead of traditional ham, potatoes, etc. It was a fun get together of the whole family. Grandma and Grandpa put together an Easter egg hunt in the backyard for the grandkids. Easton and Kesler loved having all of the eggs to themselves and no other kids to compete with. We have since done a lot more egg hunts at home because they are just so fun!


Grandma and Kesler hunting.

IMG_2958Grandpa KeslerIMG_2959

Uncle Cody



Looking good Dad!


Uncle Broch and his girlfriend Ashley.





Sunday, April 15, 2012


This year we enjoyed doing real Easter baskets for the first time for the kids. We hid them the night before and then after some convincing they tried to find them in the morning. Of course they started eating candy immediately. I was very glad we only included enough candy for one sitting. Kesler got come Little People racers for his race track and Easton got some new trains for his Thomas the Train set. Of course they each got some money too.



I had found some fabric I LOVED at Walmart about a month before Easter and bought the rest of it with no idea what I would use it for. It was $1.50 a yd! My friend Mandy suggested making ties for the boys and I knew it was meant to be. She and I made ties for our boys and then we collaborated to make a skirt for me out of the same material. I just wish I could have had enough fabric to include Soren. I was so happy with how it all turned out. After church on Easter we met at our house to take turns taking pics of our families. It worked out perfectly.










Best friends Will and Easton.IMG_2908b


We found ourselves at the local feed/farming store last week to pick up some rope for a project. Turns out we came on the right day because they had little chicks for Easter. The colored ones were so adorable!

Easton was so happy to pet them an insisted on petting each different color.




The Kansas City Temple Open House started last week. I was fortunate enough to get to usher on the first night. The weather was very cold and windy so I was SO grateful when they put me indoors. Not only was I indoors, I got to be right inside the front doors of the temple and count everyone that came through. It was such a privilege and I even got to quickly take a tour that night. The temple is GORGEOUS inside and it was thrilling to be a part of working there for the evening. I definitely felt more ownership to this beautiful building.


More nice weather means more digging outside. Kesler has finally gotten old enough to join Easton in the back of the yard digging holes with spoons.


I have started running again and I think it might stick for a while. I need it for the stress relief and Soren has been getting home early enough for me to go. The Temple 5K is next month so I will at least continue until then.


Soren worked a half day last week and during a break this is what I found him doing with the kids.


They were repelling off of the bannister. Easton loved it and Kesler thought he wanted to do it too. He got too scared after the first little bit.


Later in the day I heard Soren and Easton on the roof in harnesses. I tried not to watch. Easton is not even three yet and Soren had him climbing around on the roof. Good thing I trust him and if anyone could do that with their kids, its Soren.


Best Friends at the Zoo

For playgroup one week we went back to the zoo. Easton and Kesler’s best friends Will and Abby came with us. I don’t think it was much harder to take 4 kids rather than two with me, but I underestimated how exhausted I would be when we got home. Its just tiring to go to the zoo with kids alone!








Two little monkeys.


The beloved polar bear. He really is so amazing to watch. IMG_0598