Thursday, July 28, 2011

Yes Please!

One of my favorite blogs, Ain't No Mom Jeans, has a fabulous giveaway this week! A lucky reader will win an adorable pair of UGG Halfhitch sneakers for their little guy.

One thing I don't skimp on quality wise for my boys is their shoes! It is so important for them to be able to run and play unimpeded- the only problem comes when function clashes with fashion. Luckily these little shoes look like they will fit the bill on both!

If you haven't checked out Ain't No Mom Jeans, be sure to stop by. The ladies over there really know what they are talking about! I love it!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Cute Boys!

I don’t know how our kids could ever be embarrassed if we pull these pictures out to show their girlfriends. If anything, we only pull these out if we are trying to really get the girl in the family.




Independence Day 2011

We had a great start to the holiday weekend in Omaha and finished it off on Monday for the 4th. We had a great day of swimming, catching up on the house, mowing the lawn, and unpacking. We debated going to a fireworks show or the parade, but the kids were already so tired from the weekend, it just didn’t seem right.





Luckily it turns out that our neighbors put on quite the party! We were invited over for a BBQ, water games, and fireworks. One of our neighbors owns a firework stand, so they really had enough fireworks to last for days. (Luckily they were good about how late and loud they were!) We had fun getting to know everyone and were even able to put Kesler down before the fireworks started. Easton spent the whole night running around with all the older kids and borrowing all of their toys. He is quite the little tag along, but they all love him so its perfect.





Saturday, July 16, 2011

A Family Weekend Away

Because Soren started a new job this year, he wasn’t able to schedule much time off for a family vacation. We decided to take a short trip over the long weekend of the 4th. We headed up to Omaha, Nebraska and stayed overnight.

It took a little longer to get there due to the Mississippi River flooding, but the kids did great and we had a nice drive. There are antique malls at every exit on the way and I wanted to stop at all of them! We didn’t get to because of the kids, but I was sure dying too!

We got to our hotel and I was so happy with it. It was just the perfect price, perfect size and very cute. We met my parents and younger brother at the hotel and enjoyed spending the weekend with them. They really entertained the kids and were fun company.


Bathroom break for Mom on the drive up- someday I won’t be the only one who needs to go!


On Friday night we had a fun dinner at an Asian Place and swam at the hotel. The original plan was for my parents and I to trade babysitting so we could go to the temple, but there just wasn’t enough time in the trip. We felt bad just leaving the kids at the hotel to watch TV while we went, so we decided to just spend some family time together. Easton slept like a dream, but Kesler was a different story.

The next day we all got up and packed. We headed out for a day at the Omaha Zoo. What a great, long, exciting and tiring day!


Easton was so excited to see his favorite animal- “Wen-wins!” –(Penguins). Watching your kids get excited and enjoy life is the best thing! Its so hard not to do too much for them, because we get such an innocently cute reaction of joy! I just love to make him happy!



We also all loved the water tunnel. The fish and sharks were amazing to watch.




Kesler had so much fun with his Grandpa and Grandma Kesler. It was wonderful to have so many extra hands with the kids.



Easton loved the ‘choo-choo’, although it also gave him the scare of his life. At a place on the trail that crossed by the tracks the train really blew its whistle. Easton was scared to death and cried, “gonna get me!” I have never seen that little boy run so fast. I was glad he had his running shoes on!



Easton and his beloved uncles, Logan and Thompson.




The meercats were cute, but really the only reason I got this picture is because I had two free hands for once! My favorite animal of the day by far was the baby gorilla. He was such a combination of both of my boys! He was messing with the other monkeys, causing trouble, exploring and being so funny. I could have stayed all day!


Not sure if there was ever a cuter baby.


Easton begging for treats from Grandma.


We finally got a family photo from the trip!


All in all it was a fun family trip and I loved the get away. It is always a lot of work, but it is different work and the memories are great. Can’t wait to go again!