Sunday, July 24, 2011

Independence Day 2011

We had a great start to the holiday weekend in Omaha and finished it off on Monday for the 4th. We had a great day of swimming, catching up on the house, mowing the lawn, and unpacking. We debated going to a fireworks show or the parade, but the kids were already so tired from the weekend, it just didn’t seem right.





Luckily it turns out that our neighbors put on quite the party! We were invited over for a BBQ, water games, and fireworks. One of our neighbors owns a firework stand, so they really had enough fireworks to last for days. (Luckily they were good about how late and loud they were!) We had fun getting to know everyone and were even able to put Kesler down before the fireworks started. Easton spent the whole night running around with all the older kids and borrowing all of their toys. He is quite the little tag along, but they all love him so its perfect.





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