Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Recent Projects

Well for starters, I started work today!!! It feels ridiculous, but I have never been more happy to start a minimum wage paying job. I think it will be really fun though. It will feel good to have a paycheck again and a consistant schedule. Today was just two hours of training and paperwork, but I got paid for it. :)

Other news is all of the projects I have been working on around the house in all my spare time. I have found I really enjoy interior decorating and especially being creative on a tiny budget. Below is the painting I did above our sink in the kitchen. It matches the tablecloth and runner I bought.
For Valentine's Day one of the things I got Soren was new sheets for our bed. He LOVES high thread count sheets and I really wanted white sheets. Unfortunately those are the sheets that never go on sale so when I found some 1000 thread counts on sale, I was really excited. I bought them and hid them for a few weeks until Valentine's Day. On Thursday I bought paint for our room and surprised Soren by painting the whole room and putting on new sheets in one day. It was a LOT of work, especially on my prego back. But I am super happy with how it turned out. Soren helped me put up curtains on Saturday.

Don't mind the exercise machine. Its basically a bike for your arms that we got for free. Its like the perfect machine for Soren's damaged shoulders. It's an eyesore, but we have no where else to put it. :)

Below are the flowers I recently put up in our living room. They are fake, but actually look pretty real.

Those are all my projects. The baby's room is next so I'll keep you posted.

Speaking of baby, I started my third trimester yesterday and what is insane is that I definitely feel like it. My back has started to bug me a lot in just the last few days. Its bearable, but a far cry from feeling totally normal. 12 weeks to go. :)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I Got a JOB!!!

As the regular subscribers to my blog know, I have been on the job hunt since October. It has been a long, tedious, and incredibly frustrating experience. But it has finally ended today. I got a call from GAP Kids and was offered a position! I start next Tuesday and it will be a great job. The hours, discount, and location all just couldn't be better.

I should note though that there are currently thousands of people on the job market and I feel incredibly blessed to find a job. I have also been super grateful that Soren has a great job and we can still make ends meet with just his salary. I feel a little selfish seeing as I just wanted the job so I can stay busy. I know there are lots of people out there who need jobs just to feed themselves. So.....I am super grateful and excited about this offer. Thanks to all those who have listened to my complaints over the last few months. :) I'll keep you posted on how it goes.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


So Sundays are definitely the new favorite day at our house. Now that Soren works Monday-Saturday, Sundays are our only real time to be together, unless he has meetings at church all day. (There have been a lot of meetings lately.) This week was like the first day we could spend the whole day together in weeks. It was a lot of fun to go to stake conference and sit next to eachother. We got to go home and eat french toast together.
Here are some pics of us in our Sunday best. (Soren always complains about the pictures I post of him, but he took this one, so hopefully he'll approve. Note the new work/Sunday attire I recently outfitted him in. )

Me at 26 weeks.

We then drove out to Mt. Pilchuck to explore nature on a mini-hike. It was really beautiful and we got a lot of talking time in. Soren brought his stove and we made hot chocolate next to this really cool waterfall. The weather was really clear and cool and we had a great time. Washington is definitely really pretty out in the wild.

None of my play clothes fit me so Soren put me in his. Yes I know they are slimming and attractive. :)