Thursday, November 11, 2010

Week 2

We made it through Week 1 and we are all alive and healthy. Sometimes I think I am getting my energy back and other times I feel like I need Diet Coke through an IV. Easton is still adjusting to everything and I am really learning how much patience I lack. Most days in moments of crisis I ask myself, "Does he need a nap or do I?"

Kesler is doing great. He really is such an easier baby than Easton. I didn't know how hard Easton was until Kesler came. He sleeps for long stretches all day and night and only cries when he is hungry or has to burp. I try hard not to pick favorites, but the sweet little baby sure is preferable to our crazy toddler sometimes. I am SO glad I have Soren to help deal with him at the end of the day. I don't know what I would do as a single mom!

Sweet Baby

Crazy Toddler

Thanks for everyone's words of encouragment and support!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Today was my first day on the job of mothering 2 kids. Mom left this morning and Soren went back to work. What a day.

I barely got done the 3 things on my list today and was SOOOOO glad someone else made and brought dinner. Thank you Anne!

Lets just say I take back anything I ever said I thought I knew/know about mothering. My new policy is

"Do Anything You Have To To Maintain Sanity and Survive."

Wish us luck tomorrow.  :)