Thursday, November 11, 2010

Week 2

We made it through Week 1 and we are all alive and healthy. Sometimes I think I am getting my energy back and other times I feel like I need Diet Coke through an IV. Easton is still adjusting to everything and I am really learning how much patience I lack. Most days in moments of crisis I ask myself, "Does he need a nap or do I?"

Kesler is doing great. He really is such an easier baby than Easton. I didn't know how hard Easton was until Kesler came. He sleeps for long stretches all day and night and only cries when he is hungry or has to burp. I try hard not to pick favorites, but the sweet little baby sure is preferable to our crazy toddler sometimes. I am SO glad I have Soren to help deal with him at the end of the day. I don't know what I would do as a single mom!

Sweet Baby

Crazy Toddler

Thanks for everyone's words of encouragment and support!


Kelli Duthrie said...

You are an amazing mommy! :) I am glad Kesler is so considerate of you and his older brother. I miss you.. and I want to see your babes! When would you like to have our girls weekend??

Heather said...

Yes and your little newborn probably holds still for more then 5 seconds :) I am sure things will switch as new phases come along. Good Luck, I am sure you are doing great!!

Griff-Fam said...

wow. I can't believe that was pretty much EXACTLY what I felt like last Spring when we brought home #2. I think the second kid usually is just more mellow, because they have no choice. But it is nice to have Dad around to help the toddler get some energy out when you just have none left to give. It passes so quickly- breathe it all in!

Mike and Kris said...

You are awesome!! I just love the pictures!! Kesler looks so sweet and calm, and dang stinkin cute!! And Easton looks like a normal 18 month old!! Crazy but so so much fun!!! I have a picture of Dallas that looks so much like that one!!

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wow. I can't believe that was pretty much EXACTLY what I felt like last Spring when we brought home