Monday, January 3, 2011

We're On Our Way

Here is a little update on our move. So far it has been exhausting, exciting and emotional.

We are all here in Missouri now. The boys and I flew our by ourselves last Tuesday and left Soren and his brothers to finish packing and painting the apartment. It was a long flight with 2 babies, but we had nice neighbors on the flight and the kids did great. I even had the chance to share my testimony and a pass-a-long card with someone.
On Wednesday I signed the next 30 years away and bought our house. It was surprisingly easy to sign away that much money! I got the keys on Friday and saw the inside of the house for the first time. It was awesome and better than I expected. We are so so blessed to be in such an amazing house!
Saturday was a bummer because my Mom and I both came down with the flu. I think we are both starting to feel better but it has been really aweful.
Soren and Ryan got here on Saturday  and we are feeling really ready to have the truck arrive and get moving. I think my parents are ready to get rid of us too! They have been great taking care of me and my kids while I have been sick and busy with house stuff.
Anyways the truck should arrive today or tomorrow and then the chaos begins. Luckily Soren doesn't have to go to work until next Monday. We have one more week before busy season begins!

Oh and by the way, we did have a sort of Christmas in the middle of the move. Our friends Kristen and Tim were kind enough to let us join their family for Christmas Eve. We had a fabulous time eating Prime Rib, playing games and opening the fun gifts they gave the kids. Soren's brothers showed up Christmas day so we had a nice dinner with them and a little Christmas before the moving began.

Easton and I Christmas Eve

The Family Christmas Eve 2010

Easton had a great time!

Handsome little guy opeing his portable DVD player. Such the perfect and generous gift!

One of the only pictures we have of Christmas morning. He loves his 'vroom, vrooms'!

Outside with Dad shooting his new rocket Christmas morning.