Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Please help!

We have applied for a $250,00 grant through Chase and their Mission: Small Business℠ program at the last minute and need 250 votes to compete.

A grant of this size will allow us to take ONE little BELT to the next level in developing our own website and manufacturing our belts in much higher quantities. My dream is to be the See Kai Run of belts for little ones and to one day be seen in Nordstrom and in boutiques nationwide. Please help us have a chance at this life changing opportunity!

 We need 250 votes in the next three days to even be considered. Please, please, please go to and vote!

Sign in with your FB account and search for One Little Belt. Then click 'vote'!
Share this with your friends and help us beg for votes- 250 is a lot!

Thanks you guys!!!

Sunday, June 17, 2012


Feels like I always have a project up my sleeve and I'm always happy when I semi-remember to document it. After a trip to Saver's (thrift store) on Memorial day I came home with a few new ones.

I've had this idea for almost a year now after spotting a girl at a conference with one on. This was just a newish-gray sweatshirt that I sewed a piece of lace on. The lace mimics the collar line and I just sewed it on with a straight stitch all the way around. Soren thinks it looks like a bib and I think it looks awesome.

When I found this tunic I knew I had to find a use for its nice striped knit. Little did I know how difficult knit would be to sew on, but I eventually figured something out. I turned it into a midi-skirt and as long as you don't look to close it looks great.



Another garage sale find...this green linen skirt. Size 16 from way back in the day. I LOVED the color so I brought it home and took in the back.



Easton has been very into SuperWhy lately and running around flying like a Superhero. I promised him we would make a cape and a mask for him. After searching for some knit at Walmart (fail), settling for flannel at home (wrecked), and finally finding some silky costume fabric at JoAnns (win!) - we did it. I followed this tutorial and tweaked it by ziz-zagging through the ribbon and all the way around the cape. The mask we made up by ironing on our fabric to interfacing, zig-zagging all the edges and sewing on some 1/4" elastic.  

Last project is my favorite. I designed this watch from this idea and Soren put it together for me. I LOVE it. We cut apart an old Fossil watch of mine and bought chains, jump rings and a few clasps. After about 8 hours of figuring it out, we did it! It is just the right amount of trendy, tough and cute. Currently considering whipping up another Etsy shop to stock them in and see how they do. Let me know what you think.....

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Memorial Day 2012

We had a great Memorial Day weekend. Soren took Friday off too so we had four days as a family with busy season FINALLY over. We got caught up on business orders, did some shopping, cleaned, did yard work, went swimming twice, and went to the temple.

On Sunday night we went downtown and met my family and the Beyelers for a Memorial Day celebration of music and fireworks. We went last year and had a great time and this year was even better! The weather was fantastic and we were with lots of our favorite people!



The kids all had fun running/falling down this STEEP hill nearby.



Best friends.


I got to practice taking pictures of fireworks. It is hard! This was my best one and my last one as well.


Soren made himself sick running the kids back up the hill over and over and over. IMG_3804



Kesler and his Grandpa “pounding” it.





Easton Turns 3 (Part 2)

I tried not to go all out for the party, but it was hard. The creative process took over. I was so happy with how the cake and cupcakes turned out. It was my first time trying out my cake decorating kit and I enjoyed using it even more than I expected!





We kept the invite list small for his friends party. The kids decorated t-shirts with fabric markers to make their own football jerseys.



The blue Gatorades were a hit! I didn’t’ get any pictures, but we played some football games indoors and then they played a "real” football game outside while they waited for parents. Easton had a blast- nonstop giggling and goofing off with his friends.




Easton loved blowing out his candle on his cupcake and again later on his real cake. We had cake coming out our ears!IMG_3595b

My parents and brothers came over for dinner and presents and cake later that night. We IMG_3657b

We opened gifts and Easton loved them all. He wanted a Cars backpack so I sewed a patch onto this hand me down. Kesler had to show off his Elmo backpack too!. Easton also got a doctor’s kid, a Nerf gun, his bike of course and a bell for his bike.


Easton requested tacos and corn on the cob for dinner. It was delicious!





We just love this boy! He is so caring, considerate, polite and kind. He is also immensely gifted in athletics and has all kinds of talents oozing out of him. I can’t wait to watch him grow and learn this next year!!