Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Please help!

We have applied for a $250,00 grant through Chase and their Mission: Small Business℠ program at the last minute and need 250 votes to compete.

A grant of this size will allow us to take ONE little BELT to the next level in developing our own website and manufacturing our belts in much higher quantities. My dream is to be the See Kai Run of belts for little ones and to one day be seen in Nordstrom and in boutiques nationwide. Please help us have a chance at this life changing opportunity!

 We need 250 votes in the next three days to even be considered. Please, please, please go to and vote!

Sign in with your FB account and search for One Little Belt. Then click 'vote'!
Share this with your friends and help us beg for votes- 250 is a lot!

Thanks you guys!!!

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Middletonfamily said...

Hope you guys get it! Good Luck!