Sunday, August 12, 2012


Well summer has gotten the best of us. We've been so busy doing fun things, I haven't kept up recording them!
One of the perks of living close to my parents is using their pool. Easton has become a little swimmer wanna-be (not quite there, but getting there). Easton loves to swim underwater in the baby pool and can get himself around the edge of the shallow end without assistance. His most recent feat is jumping into the pool and going all the way down to the bottom before coming up for help. He is so good at keeping the water out of his nose! He didn't get that from me.
Kesler loves the pool as well. He enjoys swimming with Grandma and Grandpa or Mom or Dad- anything without a floatation device. He isn't into a life jacket or going underwater much yet.

Our first family swim of the year.

The new spray park addition to the pool area is wonderful. It makes it so much easier to watch two little ones at the pool when I can keep at least one of them out of the water.

Papa Murphy's Cowboy pizza is the perfect way to end an evening of swimming.

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