Sunday, August 12, 2012

Health Crisis #1 Summer 2012

We have had a summer full of ridiculous health surprises. The first one was my first real kid injury scare and my first trip to Urgent Care.
 Kesler loves to climb things and do everything Easton can do. He is fearless and usually totally unaware of any danger he might be in. He gets hurt quite often and always learns the hard way how to do something. This incident was no different. I was in the kitchen while the boys played in their room. Suddenly I heard a thud and then the crying that followed. I found Kesler laying on a pile of toys under the window seat in Easton's room. From what I could tell he had fallen backwards from the window seat about 2 feet onto a pile of hard toys. Normally he would cry for a while and then get over it. This time he cried and cried and cried. For over 45 minutes until I put him down for a nap. He was also kind of wheezing. I put him down after seeing that he wasn't disoriented and his eyes looked okay.
The scary part was when he woke up two hours later and commenced the inconsolable sobbing and the wheezing. So at that point I got nervous enough to call the doctor. They sent me to Urgent Care to have him looked at. We got all ready and my Mom came over to go with us. Of course as soon as she arrived Kesler stopped fussing. But he was still wheezing like he couldn't quite catch his breath.
To be safe I still took him in and he was happy as could be by the time we FINALLY saw the doctor. She said things looked fine and that the wheezing wasn't any kind of injury. His lungs sounded great to her.
So we packed up and went home. I was a little frustrated that something wasn't wrong, especially after the $400 bill, but really I was grateful he was okay and the peace of knowing that was worth whatever the cost.

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