Sunday, August 26, 2012

Summer Boys

Summer with two little boys has been a blast. We bought a pool this summer. It is about 12 inches deep and 4 feet in diameter which is perfect for two little boys to cool off in. The problem I didn't foresee was the fights over the hose.
We have also been to my Mom's pool quite often. I love the we have little pool traditions. After they get done swimming we dry off by laying on a pool chair and eating animal crackers.

We are still loving summer lounging in the hammock. I am in awe of how relaxing it is, especially if I can get in alone- which almost never happens. But it is pretty nice to lay with my little guys too.
Kesler is starting to become a little boy. He and Easton can carry on a conversation and play together. I walked into the living room to hear Easton saying to Kesler, "I wuv you Kesler. Let me help you Kesler." Melt my heart.

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