Monday, August 27, 2012

Mustang Car Show

In June I found out about a Mustang Car Show down at the Overland Park Bass Pro Shop. Soren has ALWAYS been in love with Mustangs and even helped his Dad restore one in high school. Recently his passion for them has been rekindled and he was thrilled to go down to the show. Easton joined in the enthusiasm, especially once he saw all of the blue ones.
Every blue Mustang was his favorite.

While Soren looked around and chatted with the other Mustang enthusiasts and owners, the kids and I went into Bass Pro. They loved seeing the fish and all of the animals. We took turns climbing in all of the fishing and barge boats too. Little boy heaven. We bought matching trucker hats in all of our favorite colors. Easton and Kesler got blue and navy, I got green and we got Soren red.

There were so many different years and colors of Mustangs. I enjoyed looking at all of them too. Soren showed us all of his favorites and then we grabbed some overpriced and overcooked hot dogs for lunch. It was a great, successful family outing!

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