Sunday, May 20, 2012

Easton Turns 3 (Part 1)

Easton has been talking up his birthday for months. This kid is a boy after my own heart, birthdays are his favorite holidays. In March he started telling me how much he wanted a Cars 2 Bike for his birthday and asking Soren and I if we were coming to his party. After looking through Pinterest with him trying to decide on a party theme, he picked football. This came as a complete shock because he has never had any interest in football whatsoever. Apparently he had recently seen his best friend’s older brother playing football with his Dad and that sealed the deal. A football party it was to be.

Easton helped me make invitations by helping choose paper, doing some cutting and most of the gluing. He really enjoyed taking them to his friend’s houses to invite them.


I got to work planning a football party with almost no football knowledge, but with more Pinterest help we came up with some fun ideas. We made Oreo truffles for the first time- one of the best things EVER.


We also made a few party decorations including a football banner for the food table.


When the long awaited party/birthday day came we were ready with the requested bike in hand. We took Easton out to see it first thing in the morning and… bombed. First he thought it was too big, then after adjusting the seat, it was too small. Currently he still thinks it is too big for him. Sad, sad day for us. Luckily at least Kesler was thrilled.


Meeting the bike for the first time.


He did enjoy the flag that came with it.



We got him on it once.


And Kesler stole the show. He loved riding that bike.


We anticipate Easton warming up to his gift sometime soon. (We hope!) It makes me sad that we waited for his birthday because we didn’t get it for him when he really wanted it. Nothing like teaching a kid to wait for something and then waiting too long.  Bummer.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Senior Pics

When you own a nice camera and try to use it, people usually want you to take their pictures. I have have done a few “sessions” for people and am generally up for the practice. When my brother Cody asked me to take some Senior pictures I didn’t promise him anything, but we tried it out.

My kids had a great time playing with Grandpa while I took photos.


Easton LOVES to climb this tree on our property line.


Kesler loves to pretend he is a monkey- sound effects and all.


The pictures turned out pretty well. The field behind our house is nice a green this time of year. I love using it for backgrounds.

good b




Kansas City Temple Dedication

Last weekend was a very special weekend full of wonderful events. The Kansas City Missouri Temple was dedicated! I still cannot believe after growing up here my whole life that we have a temple just up the road past Wal-Mart! It is amazing!

The youth put put on a fabulous Cultural Celebration on Saturday night that Soren and I were able to attend (without kids!). My brothers Cody (18) and Logan (14) were in it. The Prophet was in attendance and the music and dancing were really fun to see. The youth and leaders did such a great job putting it together. There were over 3000 youth that participated!!!! It was a fun date.



On Sunday they broadcast the dedication at 9am, 12, and 3pm to the ward buildings. Children under 8 were not allowed to attend so we weren’t planning on going until the 3pm session when my family could watch our boys. We watched our friend’s kids in the morning and then got ready to go in the afternoon. My Mom called us at 1:30 and said that she and Dad had been able to go to the noon session and be INSIDE the temple for it. They had extra tickets for the 3pm session for us to go INTO the temple for the session! We were thrilled and it was such a privilege. We were inside one of the lobbies in the temple and watched the dedication on a TV monitor there. It was so neat to be inside and really grasp that they were dedicating that specific building to be a house of the Lord.


After the dedication everyone came outside to wait for the Prophet to leave. It is amazing how much EVERYONE there wanted to see and meet him. I can’t imagine how much pressure that must be for him. Everything and anything he says to anyone will be remembered for the rest of their lives!


He is an amazing man and it was unreal to see him so close and to have him right here with us in my hometown. Such a blessing!!


We haven’t been to do any sessions yet at the temple but are excited to go soon. It will be wonderful to have babysitters close, babies old enough to leave behind, and the temple so close that we can go often.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Family Date Night

Last Saturday was one of those Saturdays where we had a great day and I got a lot of things done and dinner wasn’t one of them. We decided to go out and Red Robin sounded delicious. Easton didn’t remember ever going there although when he was really small we went quite often. He was so excited to go to the “hamburger store.”

He got to pick his dinner and happily chose a hamburger, salad and chocolate milk. There really isn’t anything better than seeing your child light up and enjoy the things you do for them.



Kesler and Dad enjoyed a lot of French fries.


Kesler’s favorite part was the balloons.


The service was horrible, but the Royal Red Robin burger and a shake were still pretty dang good. The boys were so well behaved and I was so proud of and happy for my little family.