Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Few Random Shots From September

 Easton just keeps getting older and hitting new milestones. Not the typical milestones like talking, (we are still working on the whole words thing) but milestones like today when he successfully put on my shoes and walked around the house like a big "boy?" It was really cute and worth documenting. :)

I'm always trying to get him to eat and enjoy something besides Goldfish and fruit snacks so these pictures were also well worth taking. Not sure what the body-builder pose is about. :)

This was probably one of Easton's happiest moments yet. He drank 16 oz of chocolate milk in one setting. We wanted to capture his true reaction, but this doesn't do it justice. His grin was to die for; I think he stopped breathing all together until that milk was gone. He couldn't get enough!

These are actually gloves that go with a book Easton has, but they were just so cute as little monster feet!

This is me at almost 36 weeks. I am due one month from today and ready to have a few of these prego symptoms GONE!

Kilee's 24th and our 4th Anniversary Weekend

I'm late blogging about this, but for my birthday and our anniversary (8/20 and 8/22) we took a long weekend trip down to Oregon and the southern west coast of Washington. It was such a fun weekend and really felt like a vacation for our little family. We went with our friends Sarah and James and their son Emerson. Every year they go down to the Kite Festival in Long Beach, WA. Since we are still pretty  new to Washington we decided to try out their tradition with them.

Soren took Friday off and we left town about 10:00 that morning. I was so happy that the mail man made it in time to deliver my birthday package before we left. Thanks Mom! On the way down we had to stop at Cabella's for the guys to look around. Easton LOVED all the stuffed animals and the fish. Here are some cute pics from there.

Dad's favorite animal- the wolverine!

On the way down I also realized I forgot something. Usually I forget my toothbrush, but this time I forgot pants. Yes, pants. The only pair I brought were the leggings I had on. Seriously I don't know where my brain was. :) So we had to stop at Target and get another pair of leggings to get me through the weekend. I was not about to buy $30 jeans at Target!

We made it to Long Beach that afternoon and set up camp. Our camp site was great with a bathroom nearby and even showers! After a quick trip down to the boardwalk we ate dinner and came back to camp to put the babies to bed. Sarah and James were awesome and surprised me with a cake and presents around the campfire. What a fun birthday!

The next day we went back to the boardwalk for the festival. Easton loved the beach! He and Soren had so much fun running around in it. The kites were all really cool to see; there were so many!

Easton hugging the sand. :)



Easton found a rock candy sucker in the sand. We aren't sure how he knew it was edible at one point because it was literally a sand pop. He stuck it in his mouth before we saw it and he found out the consequences all on his own. Yuck!

After a day or two at Long Beach we drove down to Astoria, OR and some other beaches. The beach was AMAZING! It was so beautiful! Easton loved it!

In Astoria we climbed The Column. It was a tower that overlooked all of Astoria and the water. The view was neat, but I didn't realize how terrified I would be on the way up. It did not seem safe to me! I guess I have a thing with heights and rod iron railings. Lets just say I was a little nauseaus the whole time, but I toughed it out and at least made it all the way up!

All in all it was a great family vacation! Three days was just enough of a getaway. We hope to do something like it again soon.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Creative Juices

I have been trying to encourage coloring and other creative outlets for Easton. He hasn't really been interested in crayons, sidewalk chalk or colored pencils. But yesterday as I was writing something in on my fridge calendar, Easton had a stroke of creativity hit him. :) We pulled it down to his level and he went to town. It was really cute to see how long he colored and where else the marker ended up besides on the board. Luckily it was all eraseable. So fun!