Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Creative Juices

I have been trying to encourage coloring and other creative outlets for Easton. He hasn't really been interested in crayons, sidewalk chalk or colored pencils. But yesterday as I was writing something in on my fridge calendar, Easton had a stroke of creativity hit him. :) We pulled it down to his level and he went to town. It was really cute to see how long he colored and where else the marker ended up besides on the board. Luckily it was all eraseable. So fun!


Maman A Droit said...

How fun! We love coloring but baby has a tendency to try to color on walls etc. Not sure how a whiteboard would go-I think I'd end up with a very colorful fridge!!

jenny said...

He is so precious! How are you feeling my dear? I miss you tons. Come visit us. I will need to meet the new bundle before too long :)