Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Few Random Shots From September

 Easton just keeps getting older and hitting new milestones. Not the typical milestones like talking, (we are still working on the whole words thing) but milestones like today when he successfully put on my shoes and walked around the house like a big "boy?" It was really cute and worth documenting. :)

I'm always trying to get him to eat and enjoy something besides Goldfish and fruit snacks so these pictures were also well worth taking. Not sure what the body-builder pose is about. :)

This was probably one of Easton's happiest moments yet. He drank 16 oz of chocolate milk in one setting. We wanted to capture his true reaction, but this doesn't do it justice. His grin was to die for; I think he stopped breathing all together until that milk was gone. He couldn't get enough!

These are actually gloves that go with a book Easton has, but they were just so cute as little monster feet!

This is me at almost 36 weeks. I am due one month from today and ready to have a few of these prego symptoms GONE!


Yvonne said...

Wow - Easton was a ton of fun to look at through all those pictures. Cute cute.

My personal trainer/hiking/biking friend chose Viva chocolate as the winner, until he saw they changed their formulation to use high fructose corn syrup. Bummed him out. He liked it as a recovery drink.

Natalie said...

Oh Easton is getting so grown up!! Madison was so excited to see him and kept asking, "Is that Easton!!!" You look great!! Can't wait to see pictures of the little Man!!! Miss you guys!

Staci said...

Such a cute post! You are a cute pregnant lady-- I love your style! And Easton seems so much like Wesley. Since they are so close in age they hit all these milestones around the same time! Way to get all those pictures. I need to be better with my camera...

JAZKK Low said...

Cute little boy and cute little belly! Due in a month?! Congrats!!