Friday, October 22, 2010

Taking a Break From Nesting

Well with 4 days left until my due date I'd say nesting is officially in full swing. I have been cleaning and organizing and to-do listing and more cleaning. I told Soren I feel like I am cramming for a test and that as a long as the baby isn't here yet, I've got to keep charging along to get things done. Unfortunately that usually means I over do it and wear myself out. So although the bathroom is calling my name to clean it, I'm taking a break to catch up on the blog.

September was a busy month for us, especially in regards to ONE little BELT. I had the opportunity to fly to Utah for a day to do a boutique sale with my dear friend from college Seidi. Soren and I, especially Soren, worked so hard a long all month getting things ready to go. We printed pamphlets, made over 90 belts, put together packing and a table display. It was quite a whirlwind. The trip was a great get away (all by myself!) and also great experience. We didn't sell as many belts as we had hoped but the exposure was great and we have a good inventory for Christmas now. Thanks so much to Seidi and Danny for putting me up and helping so much!

Our table at the sale.

Seidi and I at the airport-trying again for a decent picture together. :)

Easton and I have been spending lots of time together too. We do lots of sidewalk chalk and playing catch in the parking lot. We are usually having more fun than is pictured below- we just couldn't resist a picture of Easton's face-plant in wet chalk.
Last week we took him on a family date to the Children's Museum in Everett and to Taco Bell. We all had such a fun time. Easton loved all the kids at the museum and all the awesome exhibits. Hopefully tomorrow we'll make it on one more family date to the pumpkin patch.
We are pretty sure he doesn't understand the concept of a brother coming his way, but he is getting much more clingy to me. I think is suspects something. Either way we are doing what we can to enjoy the last few days as a one child family.

As part of my nesting, I have also been couponing A LOT. I feel relatively well stocked on a lot of things now and that eases my mind. Here is a picture Soren snapped on my way out the other night. I usually go on Monday or Tuesday nights after Easton is in bed. Soren wanted to capture the 4" coupon binder in this shot as well. :)

Soren's most recent news is that he got a new bike! This isn't a great picture of it, but if you know anything about bikes you should still be able to tell how awesome it is. :) He dented the frame on his old one this summer at Youth Conference which aparently made it unsafe to ride. Thank goodness for the REI return policy because we were able to return his dented bike and exchange it almost straight accross for this upgraded bike. He is just thrilled and hopes to get a few accessories for his upcoming birthday and Christmas to make it just right.

Otherwise, we are hanging in there. I really don't have too much to complain about although I can tell my body is nearing the end of this stage. I CANNOT wait to have myself back- well relatively speaking. I definitely feel like I have been pregnant my whole life at this point, so don't expect us to be doing this again soon. We don't have a name picked out yet and that is somewhat stressfull to us. If we had a few more solid options we'd feel more prepared. Hopefully something comes our way.

All in all we are very excited for this new little tiny one to join us. It feels very strange to be on the eve of something so life changing, but time will pass either way so we are just trying to make the most of it all. We will try to keep everyone updated as soon as things start happening. Otherwise, wish us luck!


Bamamoma said...

You are so energetic - even 9 months pregnant. You go girl. I'll be exited to hear how everything goes. Names are so stressful. We had three boys names picked out but really struggled with finding a good girl's name. So, just for the heck of it, here are our boys names. I won't be using them, so feel free:

Elijah Pratt (really like keeping the Pratt thing going)

Ethan Andrew (Eden and Ethan are pretty similar)

Joseph Andrew (my middle name is Jo and Phil's is Andrew)

Hang in there and let me know when I have another nephew.

Melissa P said...

Your belt stand looks nice! Sorry you didnt get as many sales as you were hoping- Atleast you have the set up now, so you can do boutique sales in the area! And holy cow your coupon book is huge! Do you spend a couple hours going to different stores or do you mainly use manufacturers coupons that you can use all at one place?

helena said...

I know what you mean about not wanting to do the pregnancy thing again for awhile... Bobby and I are relatively certain we're going to be a two child family unless a VERY strong prompting comes our way that tells us otherwise. Two little boys close together is TOUGH, and fun, but I can't see putting myself through this again!

jenny said...


Miss you dear. So so much.

Griff-Fam said...

Kilee, How exciting! Enjoy these last few days with only one baby... Sometimes I remember those sweet days with just my first baby around, and it was so... quiet! I can hardly remember that sound! :)

Labor was so much easier the second time around...I felt like since I knew what to expect, even though I knew it would hurt, I wasn't scared, so it was 100 times better. Good luck!

My boys are starting to be best friends, and it is so much fun... A lot of work, but it is worth it..But, I'm taking a break for a couple of years- it takes a lot out of you! Maybe we'll get a girl someday!

Seidi said...

Funny that in the picture of us at the boutique, I look just as pregnant as you do. Sad. I knew I shouldn't have worn that shirt. And the other picture turned out decent! I'm excited for the babes to get here!