Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Father and Son's Campout 2010

This past weekend was one of firsts. Easton and Dad went on their first Father-Son camp out and I got a whole 24 hours at home ALONE in over a year. It was much needed and totally fun for all.
Easton did a great job camping and proved himself to be quite the outdoorsman. Aside from running off frequently while Soren tried to set up the tent, Easton was well behaved, enjoyed the outdoors and slept all night. The next day they went rafting down a small nearby river and as you can see they had a great time. They came home Saturday about 2:30 and Easton went right to sleep for 3 hours. He was worn out!
Prepping the boat.
Ready to take her out.

Enjoying a Capri Sun on the river.

While they were gone I had a great time too although I'll admit it was a little strange at first. I went to dinner with friends from church and their girls who didn't go camping- Amy, Beth, and Michelle. We had a fun time at Bucca di Beppo's and afterwards I headed over to OLD NAVY to check out their weekend sale. I found a cute hoodie for $6, picked up a Redbox, and got some hot chocolate at 7-Eleven. I headed home to watch Coco Before Chanel (kind weird, but not bad) and put in some time on the elliptical. I went to bed way too late, but the best part was I got to sleep in until 9. I kept forgetting no one else was home! I then spent the morning walking at the track, working on my business and planning my lesson for Sunday. I really enjoyed the alone time and I'm so glad they had fun. I'll definitely be encouraging this tradition in the future.

Monday, June 28, 2010

23 Weeks

Well here we are at 23 weeks. Time is going by so quickly and that has been nice. On Friday night I got to hold a 5 month old for a little while and he was soooo nice to cuddle and snuggle with. It really made me excited to hold our new little one. I have been feeling great in general although my immune system really has been down during this pregnancy. I have had 3 colds and the flu twice so far. I'm sure having an active one year old accounts for some of that. We are looking forward to our next little boy, but right now I'm just trying to enjoy my first little boy and the fun that just he and I can have over the next few months.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Best Friends

It was so fun to have Kelli and Brinley here! (We missed you though Mike! Mike is on a work trip in Africa for 3 weeks so Kelli took her vacation here.) We were terrible at taking pictures, but I'm blaming that on how much fun we had. We were too busy to take pictures or to remember to put the memory card back in the camera.
 While they were here we road the Water Taxi in Seattle, went to Pike's Place Market, took the kids swimming and got their pictures taken. We barbequed at Greenlake and enjoyed the 3 mile walk around it. Soren and I even went on a date. (Thanks Kelli!) We also celebrated Kelli's 25th birthday with Blizzards from Dairy Queen and pedicures. (Well almost; we rainchecked the professional pedis and did some at home because we couldn't find a salon open after 8. Boo.) 
We also watched a few movies, did a lot of P90X, and shopped. We already miss them now that they are gone and can't wait to see them next month when we go to Utah.
Easton and Brinley took some time to adjust to eachother while they were here, but by the time they left the kids were starting to speak the same language. Brinley kept trying to hold Easton's hand and he did not like that. Easton felt a little threatened at first, but he warmed up to having a buddy around.

Best buds.

Easton loved to pat Brinley on the head as she crawled around underneath him. Since he can walk I think he thought she was the smaller younger one. The funny thing is they are almost the same size and only 2 months apart.

One of the few pics we got together. You can't see how round I am getting and how thin Kelli is. That is why I kept this picture. :)

These two shared everything in that backseat. They spent the time just passing things back and forth. The best was when Kelli gave them paper napkins to play with and they took turns tearing the peices apart.

Goodbye friends! We'll see you soon!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Its a.....

'nother boy! For those who haven't heard yet, we are having another boy on or before October 26, 2010! We are really excited for Easton to have a brother, especially one so close in age. We really just can't wait to meet him!

Soooo Delish!

I made this for dinner last night. 


Currently my favorite dish. You must try it.

My modifications: I think it would also work with chicken (cheaper). Also I substituted 1/6 c. peanut butter, 1/6 c. almond butter, and 1/4 c. honey for the honey almond butter. I also added a little extra honey on top. I will also double it next time because there were sadly no leftovers besides Soren's lunch. :(

Friends and the Farm

Last week while Kelli and Brinley were here we went to the petting zoo together. Although it drizzled on us, we had a great time. I think I enjoyed it as much or more than the kids. Besides being free, it was really well taken care of and they had a great selection of baby farm animals to see and touch.
Easton was fairly adventurous and touched or walked right up to most of the animals. Brinley was more thrilled to watch the animals and preferred to keep her hands to herself.

Here is Easton with the baby cow. So adorable.

There were also plenty of baby goats that were just Easton's size.

Kelli and Brinley stayed a safe distance while enjoying all of the animals.

Easton felt no need to stay close to me and frequently wandered off on his own tour of the farmyard. This is becoming a frequent occurance no matter where we are. Mr. Independent.

Brinley loved the rabbits, especially since they were caged. :)

I was most excited for the baby pigs. I LOVE baby pigs and hope someday to have a yard perfect for a pet pig and a few chickens.

Brinley's favorite animal was the sheep. She has a stuffed one that she just holds and cuddles with at home. Its quite adorable and so different from Easton. He doesn't have any stuffed animals or blankets but prefers to carry around tools and kitchen utensils. Having Kelli and Brin here really pointed out to me how different little boys and girls can be. We sure love them both though!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

June 2010

Soren has been hard at work making belts. As you can tell Easton has made a few himself. There's nothing like using tools with Dad.

We went to explore a new park together last week. Here is a fun shot Soren got of the two of us. Yes, I am looking more pregnant, but no part of that is my hoodie.

Our friends Kelli and Brinley Duthrie got here today to visit. We are so happy to have them. Here's a bath shot of the two babies. They will be here for a week and we are going to have tons of fun!