Thursday, June 17, 2010

Friends and the Farm

Last week while Kelli and Brinley were here we went to the petting zoo together. Although it drizzled on us, we had a great time. I think I enjoyed it as much or more than the kids. Besides being free, it was really well taken care of and they had a great selection of baby farm animals to see and touch.
Easton was fairly adventurous and touched or walked right up to most of the animals. Brinley was more thrilled to watch the animals and preferred to keep her hands to herself.

Here is Easton with the baby cow. So adorable.

There were also plenty of baby goats that were just Easton's size.

Kelli and Brinley stayed a safe distance while enjoying all of the animals.

Easton felt no need to stay close to me and frequently wandered off on his own tour of the farmyard. This is becoming a frequent occurance no matter where we are. Mr. Independent.

Brinley loved the rabbits, especially since they were caged. :)

I was most excited for the baby pigs. I LOVE baby pigs and hope someday to have a yard perfect for a pet pig and a few chickens.

Brinley's favorite animal was the sheep. She has a stuffed one that she just holds and cuddles with at home. Its quite adorable and so different from Easton. He doesn't have any stuffed animals or blankets but prefers to carry around tools and kitchen utensils. Having Kelli and Brin here really pointed out to me how different little boys and girls can be. We sure love them both though!

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