Friday, June 18, 2010

Best Friends

It was so fun to have Kelli and Brinley here! (We missed you though Mike! Mike is on a work trip in Africa for 3 weeks so Kelli took her vacation here.) We were terrible at taking pictures, but I'm blaming that on how much fun we had. We were too busy to take pictures or to remember to put the memory card back in the camera.
 While they were here we road the Water Taxi in Seattle, went to Pike's Place Market, took the kids swimming and got their pictures taken. We barbequed at Greenlake and enjoyed the 3 mile walk around it. Soren and I even went on a date. (Thanks Kelli!) We also celebrated Kelli's 25th birthday with Blizzards from Dairy Queen and pedicures. (Well almost; we rainchecked the professional pedis and did some at home because we couldn't find a salon open after 8. Boo.) 
We also watched a few movies, did a lot of P90X, and shopped. We already miss them now that they are gone and can't wait to see them next month when we go to Utah.
Easton and Brinley took some time to adjust to eachother while they were here, but by the time they left the kids were starting to speak the same language. Brinley kept trying to hold Easton's hand and he did not like that. Easton felt a little threatened at first, but he warmed up to having a buddy around.

Best buds.

Easton loved to pat Brinley on the head as she crawled around underneath him. Since he can walk I think he thought she was the smaller younger one. The funny thing is they are almost the same size and only 2 months apart.

One of the few pics we got together. You can't see how round I am getting and how thin Kelli is. That is why I kept this picture. :)

These two shared everything in that backseat. They spent the time just passing things back and forth. The best was when Kelli gave them paper napkins to play with and they took turns tearing the peices apart.

Goodbye friends! We'll see you soon!

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Kelli Duthrie said...

OOH I MISS YOU GUYS!! I got all sad reading your post now that I'm no longer there.. :( But just to make a note, your face shape is rounder than mine.. I have more of an oval face. So, that doesn't make your face fatter.. I'm just saying.. :)