Thursday, April 19, 2012


Over Easter weekend we also had the pleasure of having a best friend from high school stay the night at our house. When I heard her and her hubby were looking for a place to crash I jumped to invite them and then thought, “I don’t have a guest room!! Where am I going to put them???” Needless to say, I was inspired to get a guest room going quickly!

We moved Kesler into Easton’s room for the night they were here and he has since stayed there. That freed up our third bedroom for guests and possibly an office in the future. I actually anticipate putting our third kid in there someday, so I didn’t want to spend much decorating. That way I can change it up without regret later. I ended up being pretty happy with the results and feel great about having guests come and stay. Please come!


I found this night stand on the side of the road and it was in perfect condition. I changed the hardware on the drawer to update it a little, but it was a great find!


Made this monogram pillow with some extra burlap and spray paint.


I was happy to have an excuse to buy fresh flowers and let someone else read my many magazines. Also picked up some favorite treats for Kim and Ben.


I made the curtains out of an old, long, curtain swag that we never use. They are much better than the old curtain.


Also picked up a new fuzzy throw and threw together some cream tissue paper flower/balls. My friend Mandy helped me cut a vinyl quote for the wall which I framed with an old empty frame.

Anyways, just wanted to share and record some decorating successes. I am sad I didn’t get any pictures with my actual friends. I guess we were too busy talking and catching up. Thanks for coming guys!


Alainarae said...

Oh how cute! What a fun excuse to decorate- you have great taste, and I LOVE that green cabinet :)
p.s. can I come read your magazines? lol

Kim and Ben said...

Oh my gosh, I had no idea it was all brand new decor! I thought it looked awesome and was very jealous - our guest room is extremely tight and full of pet paraphernalia. :)

Thanks for creating such a cozy place to stay! It seriously was awesome. I also can't believe we didn't take a single picture. We will for sure have to remedy that next time!

Kim and Ben said...

Oh my gosh, I had no idea it was all brand new decor! I loved the tissue paper flowers and thought everything was so cute and cozy. I can't wait until I have a guest room I can actually decorate - yours was just wonderful to stay in!

I also cannot believe we didn't take a single picture. We'll for sure have to remedy this next time we're together. (In October I hope!!)

Rob and Marseille said...

wow- you pulled out all the stops for your friends!