Sunday, April 15, 2012


We found ourselves at the local feed/farming store last week to pick up some rope for a project. Turns out we came on the right day because they had little chicks for Easter. The colored ones were so adorable!

Easton was so happy to pet them an insisted on petting each different color.




The Kansas City Temple Open House started last week. I was fortunate enough to get to usher on the first night. The weather was very cold and windy so I was SO grateful when they put me indoors. Not only was I indoors, I got to be right inside the front doors of the temple and count everyone that came through. It was such a privilege and I even got to quickly take a tour that night. The temple is GORGEOUS inside and it was thrilling to be a part of working there for the evening. I definitely felt more ownership to this beautiful building.


More nice weather means more digging outside. Kesler has finally gotten old enough to join Easton in the back of the yard digging holes with spoons.


I have started running again and I think it might stick for a while. I need it for the stress relief and Soren has been getting home early enough for me to go. The Temple 5K is next month so I will at least continue until then.


Soren worked a half day last week and during a break this is what I found him doing with the kids.


They were repelling off of the bannister. Easton loved it and Kesler thought he wanted to do it too. He got too scared after the first little bit.


Later in the day I heard Soren and Easton on the roof in harnesses. I tried not to watch. Easton is not even three yet and Soren had him climbing around on the roof. Good thing I trust him and if anyone could do that with their kids, its Soren.



Alainarae said... you are such an awesome mom to allow such a fun dad to do those stunts! I think that is something we have to learn as Moms of boys- trying not to watch! Fun but scary!

Rob and Marseille said...

repelling @ 2?! I would be so scared too!