Sunday, April 17, 2011

10 Minutes away….

We are getting a temple in our area very soon, so last Sunday we went over to check it out. The weather was sunny, but very windy so we took a quick walk around and enjoyed what we saw!

Easton sporting his shades and hiding under the stroller. Kesler is tucked in behind sleeping. I can’t say enough how much I love our Phil and Ted’s stroller. It has been just the thing for having two babies.



The beautiful Kansas City Temple. The outside is basically done, but the inside is just a big open space. It might be done by the end of the year.


Kelser woke up and was doing his best to peek out. I can’t even describe how cute this kid is!


Easton and Dad on the rock pile of the construction site. Somehow Easton found the only mud around and tracked it all home. He is such a boy!!


At the end of this month our whole family is going to run in the Temple Run 5K. The course will be around the area of the temple and it seems like everyone is training for it. I am amazed at how out of shape I am too. I never thought 3.2 miles would be so tough, but I am straining to be ready for the big day! Needless to say Soren will be the one pushing the babies in the jogging stroller while I work up a sweat alongside. We are excited and can’t wait to watch the temple move toward completion!


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Laura said...

What a blessing it will be! It looks beautiful!