Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spare time...what spare time???

I have been working on several projects in my spare time.....what LITTLE I find. :) Two babies makes for very little spare time, but a missing husband actually creates a little extra. Here are a few things I have done since we have moved.
Pictured above are Oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookies which I feel I have successfully mastered. (At least I have mastered the eating of them!) Recipe found here. We have also done the Oreo stuffed brownies a few times.
Below is vegetarian home-made pizza. Accidentally mastered this one when I spread the crust extra-thin and used Garden Vegetable Tomato Pasta Sauce as the sauce. So good!!!

The backboard for this shelf got scratched up in the move. I found some upholstry fabric I liked and used spray glue and a staple gun to cover it. I love what it adds to the room!

I wanted to try and spruce up this OLD cardigan before I threw it out so I used a tutorial from my cousin's Modest Fashion blog and tried adding some lace. Turns out I am not as great of a tailor as I thought before I started, but it was fun to do and turned out ok. Here is the link to that tutorial.

Easton loves Cars right  now and I got him some cheap sticker sets at Target. After seeing how much he liked them, I wanted to try and make them reusable. I glued the paper background scene to a sheet of metal and laminated the stickers. Then I mounted the stickers on magnets. It was cheap, easy and a great use of the stickers he enjoyed so much.

I have also tried to start working on ONE little BELT more. These are some of the new colors of girl's belts that we will be selling soon. I am excited to be getting an SLR camera soon to improve my product photos even more. We also have a boutique sale coming up in May which will be fun and the prep work will keep me busy.

I have also been trying to keep couponing out here in Missouri. It was easier in Seattle with more retailers, more couponers, and only one kid- but it is a work in progress. This is one end of our basement and the AWESOME shelves we were able to snag from Eddie Bauer. They work great to put food storage and my stockpile on. I hope it just continues to grow- there is nothing like feeling prepared!!

Anyways, that is what I have been up to when I have an extra minute. It has been fun and hopefully I continue to have more to share!


Heather said...

so I just wrote you this long comment and then it got erased. Maybe it will magically still appear. But if not, here is the short version. I love all your fun ideas. I will have to steal some. Where did you find the metal to use with the stickers?

Kelli Duthrie said...

Mmmm I love homemade pizza!! And those cookies sound divine! You will have to send me the recipe!

Bamamoma said...

very cute book shelf backing. I love the flower belt. and OREO stuffed brownies and cookies??? I definitely don't need those. Yum, though.

Vanessa said...

So, after I saw your blog I just had to try those oreo stuffed choc chip cookies- they were awesome! Thanks for posting the link! I also love your sticker board thingy- you are so creative! I just love reading about all the cool things you are making- keep up the good work! You inspire me to be a better wife and mother :)