Sunday, March 6, 2011

Our House!

We just love our new house and couldn't be more happy with it. I have been dreaming of paint and wallpaper and decorating, but for the near future we are content with our beige walls, cream trim, and fabulous carpet. Here are some photos I have taken of several rooms in the house. There is more to see, but here is a start.

The front of the house during a recent snow storm. A three-car garage is amazing!
The entryway

Our enormous kitchen; I love it and am amazed at how lucky I am!
The kitchen joins to the living room which I don't have a photo of yet- it is usually not picture-ready during the day!

Our bedroom

The master bathroom. I was so excited for this tub, but Easton has used it way more often than me!

The boys' room

The second bathroom with TWO sinks!

Our backyard. We love how it joins a giant farm field behind us. We also have no neighbors yet on either side of us, just empty lots. It feels like we have soo much space!

I also haven't taken any pictures of the basement. It is 1/2 garage and 1/2 unfinished. We are just using it for storage and belt making until we finish it one day.

So that is the house. I'll add more pictures as I do more things to it, but this is how it started!


Kevin & Sarah Lockard said...

Your house is so pretty! We miss you guys!

Rob and Marseille said...

awesome house! and amazingly huge kitchen! you'll have to post the other angle later (the sink/kitchen table). that is a tall ceiling in the kitchen!