Friday, June 10, 2011

Memorial Day 2011

Oh how fun it is to be around family for holidays- even smaller ones like Memorial Day! We had a great long weekend of spring cleaning and organizing and spending time with my parents and brothers.

Soren was great and really helped me get the house clean from top to bottom. The house was so clean when we moved in, but after 6 months of busy season and two babies, neither of us had had time to really keep it up. We cleaned the carpets, wiped walls and baseboards and even oiled the kitchen cabinets. It felt great! For Mother’s Day Soren gave me new towels and rugs for our bathroom. I finally picked out the ones I wanted at Kohls and I love how they look.

On Sunday night we went downtown to a Memorial Day celebration with music, cannons and fireworks. I made No-Bake Cookies and we had caramel popcorn and treats. The kids played ball on the grass and we visited. I was nervous about the fireworks with Kesler, but he LOVED them. He just watched and smiled and cooed the whole time. Easton loved them too. It was such a fun time!









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