Tuesday, September 4, 2012

St. George Nickels Family

This was probably our best visit ever to visit Soren's family. We had such a good time catching up with them and letting our boys meet their grandparent's and aunts. Aunt Cara and Aunt Amy were so fun for Easton and Kelser to play with. They did a great job making friends with them. I am amazed at how grown up they are now too! When Soren and I got married they were both little girls but now they are gorgeous young women!
Easton was excited to meet Grandpa Nickels because he was getting his own gun from him. Soren's Dad is a gunsmith and made a small rifle for Soren when he was a little. Grandpa Nickels passed it on to Easton this trip and although he is too young to use it, he appreciated the excitement of it.

Soren pulled out his bow and arrows to show his family while we were visiting as well. Apparently his sister Cara has had a secret wish to shoot one and was very serious about her mini lesson. It turned out to be a great activity to involve almost the whole family.

I spent some time catching up with Grandma Dot. She lives with Soren's parents and is a great help to the family. She is so sweet.

The boys had a really fun visit and were sad to go. It will be great to visit again and continue to strengthen the relationships we have with them. Here they are with their Grandma and Grandpa Nickels.

Grandma Dot and her great-grandsons.

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