Sunday, September 2, 2012

Little Soren

When we visit Soren's family we always get to look at old photos and here family stories with his Grandma Dot. She keeps amazing photo albums and I am so glad that she loves doing it. We looked a lot of photos of Soren as a kid this time around to see if our boys resemble him at all. We found pictures where he looks like each of them. I took pictures of them with my phone so that we would at least have crude copies of them.
Here are a few fun ones. I think he looks a lot like Kesler here.
This climbing one definitely looks (and acts) like Easton!

Soren and his sister Janisa. His love of motorcycles started way back then.

Soren and his little brother Reagan. I think this photo is so sweet. It reminds me a lot of how much Easton helps Kesler.

Soren has been in love with archery since he was a kid. He made his own arrows and spent hours shooting. Its great to have pictures of it since he has taken up the hobby again as an adult.

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