Sunday, September 16, 2012

Little Girls and Home Sweet Home

We ended our Utah trip by staying with our best friends from college, Mike and Kelli and their little girls Brinley and McKenna. It was one of the best parts of our trip. I got to see their darling house for the first time and meet McKenna for the first time too. We got to stay up late talking and catching up and see our kiddos play together. I wish we lived closer and just soaked up how fun it is to spend time with them while we were there.
LOVE this shot. So cute of Easton and Brin.

McKenna is a sweetheart.

Kesler in his little blue leg bandage.

We went to a duck pond and Easton practiced fishing while we were with them.

My boys were a little ready for the trip to be done by now.

On the day we left I got to meet up with my other best friend from college, Seidi. It was brief, but at least we got to say hello in the flesh. Miss them!

And then we drove home. It went much better than on the way out. We weren't sure whether we would try to drive straight through or stop, but by about 11 we decided to find a place to stop. We stopped in Cheyenne and were so glad for it. The kids slept great, we slept great, and they had biscuits and gravy for breakfast (my favorite.) The next day was a long one of driving, but we finally made it home.
We stopped at Cabella's for a pit stop.
A friend at a rest stop.

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