Sunday, October 5, 2008

More Updates-Pics from our travels

Here are some updated photos from the few weeks between our moves. We stayed with friends about every two days and tried to get pics with most of them. Sorry to our friends we might of missed. Soren was able to get together with his favorite missionary companions right before we left. They finally all live in Utah just as we move away.
We stayed with the Duthries, Browns, Drapers, my grandparents, the Bennetts and the Adairs. Thank you to everyone for so much love and hospitality. The last few pics are on the road. Soren and I had to drive seperately in our two cars. It was a long, long drive. We even split it up into two days. Thank goodness for books on tape.


kayla said...

You are so cute! I love the hair! :D
I love you so mucho!! :D

Duthries said...

I just love the pic with Mike's mouth full of french toast and of Mike and Soren eating!