Sunday, November 25, 2012

Time Out For Women

In September I had the chance to drive to St. Louis with my mom and a friend to go to Time Out for Women. We left on a Friday afternoon and made it just in time to go to the opening session on Friday night. We also met another good friend there that had moved to Tennessee. St. Louis was the perfect halfway point for her to meet up with us. We all enjoyed the speakers and the music- and the time away! I picked up a few books for the kids and myself and took lots of notes. 

Friday night we enjoyed late night pizza and talking. There were also events all day Saturday. We were worn out of sitting and listening by the end. I am so out of practice with sitting still for a long time and listening to someone teach. In college I was a pro, but as a mom when do I ever get to do that? I'll admit my attention was not always directed at the presenter! 

It was a long drive home on Saturday evening, but we made it more bearable with a stop at a mall for a little browsing and a smoothie. I was the only one who got a kick out of our smoothies matching our outfits- but how cute is that?

We all had a great weekend away and I came home to an incredibly clean (and reorganized!) living room. Soren typically DEEP cleans something while I am gone and although the rest of the house was sketchy- the living room was clean!

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