Sunday, November 18, 2012

Kilee's 26th Birthday

My birthday this year was one of my favorite birthdays that i can remember. I wasn't expecting much and hadn't planned anything myself. (Which is so unlike me!) We had planned to go to my Mom's house for just cake on Sunday night and open presents. My Mom totally rocked it with an amazing Snickers and whipped cream chocolate cake. It was so delish. 

The boys were so fun to have there because birthdays are one of their favorite things ever. They helped with the candles and eating plenty of cake. 

My parents surprised me with a pair of floral jeans that I had been coveting from Target. They are fantastic and the perfect gift for me. I knew they would get plenty of references to a grandma couch, but I wanted them anyway. 

After gifts, Soren started acting super weird and told the boys to tell me happy birthday and goodbye. They were going to spend the night at my Mom's house and Soren and I were leaving. I was so confused! The kids had never slept at my parents before and where on earth were we going? I love surprises, but it is rare that I don't suspect anything at all! We got in the car and started driving. I was excited but full of questions which Soren wouldn't answer. 

We ended up downtown and drove to the Westin Crowne Center Hotel. We checked in (just the two of us!!) and went to our room. I was so happy that I had dressed up for my family get together! Turns out sparkly high heels and a blazer wasn't over dressing that night! Soren finally told me that my parents were taking the kids for the night and then the next day we could go do some shopping at the Plaza with my birthday money and eat lunch together. Uh, dream come true!! 

What about all of my stuff? Well Soren had tried to sneakily pack it all. He had driven separately from me to my parents and packed madly after I took the kids over. He had no clue what all I would need, but he gave it his best effort. Thankfully he brought me a TON of clothes to choose from and my toiletries. (Except for my make up!) We had a great night and in the morning he did run home and get the few things he forgot for me while I lounged and painted my nails. (More dreams coming true!)

We shopped and had a great morning the next day. Then we ate lunch at my favorite place, Brio. They have a steak salad that is to die for. 

We ended up picking up the kids that afternoon and they were happy to see us. It was a fantastic surprise that was made up of all of the things I enjoy. I totally felt spoiled and loved. What a great way to turn a year older!

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