Sunday, November 11, 2012

More Injuries

My lovely injury to tell about started while we were on vacation as well. I started to get a hang nail infection and didn't think much of it. I kept Neosporin on it and it seemed like it was getting better. While we were in Provo my friends and I had our nails done at a beauty school and I still didn't worry about my finger until it kept getting worse! After vacation it was still really hurting and even burning. My finger was swollen and red and gross.
I finally went into the Walgreens clinic and was told I might have to get my fingernail drilled to let out the pus, but she couldn't do it there. (Gross, I know!) Luckily later that day when I went to the Urgent Care clinic the doctor told me that I had a Staph infection.  No drilling required, just a few antibiotics to treat the infection. I was so relieved!
Within a few days my finger started to feel and look better, but what didn't look better? Um, ALL of my skin! I was breaking out in hives and itches and swollen rash everywhere. Lovely- an allergic reaction. I went back into the clinic and a steroid and anti-Itch meds for the hives. Bummer.
The rash went away within a few days and my finger kept improving. I did lose my fingernail though. This is a picture of the beginning of the loss. It is November now and it still hasn't fallen off all of the way although new nail has grown in behind it. 
What a random and more than a little frustrating experience. Ca-razy.

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