Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Soren

This year Soren turned 30!  I was a little stressed about trying to make it a big deal for him, but it all came together.

His birthday was on a Friday and we had fun celebrating it the whole weekend. After a long day of work on Friday he came home to his favorite meal- calzones and raspberry cheesecake. It was definitely the best cheesecake I’ve ever made and I think everyone would agree. The boys especially loved the raspberries- they ate them all off the top!

IMG_0793 ps

IMG_0796 ps

On Saturday we had a babysitter all day so that we could go to a marriage conference by Dr. Gary Chapman. Soren was a great sport to spend his birthday weekend there, but we both were really glad and grateful that we did. The conference was funny, uplifting and full of really good ideas. We would definitely go again.

Sunday after church we had Soren’s family party and I couldn’t wait. I had planned a hot dog bar of gourmet with all the toppings- another Soren favorite. My brother’s made some great and imaginative gifts for Soren’s bow- a “bow silencer” and “Ready-Aim-Shoot”. They were really clever and made mostly of cereal boxes. His other gifts were a hit as well.

IMG_0808 ps

IMG_0833 psIMG_0847 ps

IMG_0822 ps

IMG_0854 psIMG_0851 ps

The cake was the part I was most excited about! I made arrows out of the candles and made his cake a target. Soren was blown away when he saw it- too fun!


The last surprise was a game. I made tiny bow and arrows out of Q-tips and popsicle sticks. (Not easy!) We all had fun taking shots and I think Soren felt very loved.

IMG_0867 ps

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