Sunday, November 6, 2011


The weather here in Liberty has been wonderful this fall. We have had 70 and 80 degree days in late October and even November. The kids and I have been able to play outside quite a bit, whether at the park or in our backyard. Naturally I bring my camera along, but we have another budding photographer in the family. Easton has claimed my old point and shoot camera as his ‘camer’ and has been learning the basics. It’s pretty adorable. He even joined me in photographing belts the other day. We took turns taking product photos. Sometime I’ll have to post some of his work.



Vanessa said...

I absolutely love these photos! You captured the moment so well! The scene seems to idyllic (sp?). Makes me want to sit on the grass and eat an apple too...

Allan said...

Oh Kilee, your boys are sooo cute. I see a lot of you in Kesler, which by the way is a really great name. (I've considered the name Mitchell if I have another boy some day...)
PS how do you know Rob and Marseille? Rob is my cousin, FYI.