Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Halloween was so much fun this year. Soren and I had a great time deciding and making the kids’ costumes. Since Easton started shooting bow and arrows with Soren, we decided it was fitting to dress him up as Robin Hood and Kesler could tag along as Little John. I didn’t anticipate how much convincing it would take to get Easton into his costume, but by the 3rd or 4th event he didn’t mind anymore. We think they were just darling!


Easton is pretty handy with his weapons.


And so is Kesler!


On Halloween we had our friends Dusty and Linzy over. The dads and kids went out while we handed out candy. Linzy made us amazing soup and spudnuts! We were all in heaven.

I bought some wings a few years ago on clearance and decided to wear them this year. I whipped up a matching tutu and made myself a fairy. This may be my go-to costume for years to come. I’ll add more to it next year.




The kiddos: Kesler, Easton, Bracken, and CooperIMG_0732

Easton and Cooper are good buds.


The week before we went to our church’s Halloween Party. We decked out our van with spider webs and lights. Easton was great at handing out candy and I think only ate once piece!


Uncle Cody and Easton


Kesler loves his Grandpa and had a lot of fun with his little sword.


Easton and I . (This was pre-hair cut when a ponytail was still possible.) I had really fun face paint on and glitter. I wish we had a better picture of it, but it was a hit!


All in all, a great Halloween!


maryirene said...

super cute! you are so creative!

Rob and Marseille said...

i love the cute matching costumes!

Bamamoma said...

cute pictures of cute people!

Jay said...

Nickels fam, this is Jay. I just have to say that Easton is the spitting image of his daddy! I hope all is well! By the way Snickels, love the halloween costume. What're you supposed to be, some overworked accountant? :)

Jen said...

cute costumes - i was struck by the picture of your little dimply guy at the top of your blog - such beautiful children!