Tuesday, March 30, 2010

News About Dad

This week has been a great one for Soren. We are so excited for him! He received this in the mail......

After a year and half of hard, hard work and studying, he is officially a CPA! He has really done a lot to earn this and it is very impressive. I'm really glad for all of the attention he is receiving at work for it. It's quite an accomplishment! Even more impressive was how well he did on each test. The tests are all pass/fail with a 75 being the cut off. Soren averaged more in the high 80s or low 90s on all of them.

He also had a another piece of good news yesterday. He found out that he had won a contest he had entered months ago on Moosejaw's website. He won a three day trip up Mt. Baker in July. The trip itself costs $500, plus he won a $500 Visa giftcard to pay for any other expenses related to the trip. Mt. Baker is one of the biggest mountains up here and this will be such a treat for him. You can see in the picture below how big it is. It is almost in Canada and about 2-3 hours away from us. Way to go Soren!


Jimmy & Amy said...

wowzers! congrats! now we are prego at the same time :)

Stacy said...

Congrats! Oscar's actually decided to go for a CPA as well. He wants to be a financial analyst rather than an accountant, but we saw that a lot of the positions he's interested in want a CPA, and he's only about 9 credits shy of qualifying for the exam. We'd love to get Soren's advice on how to prepare for it, especially since he did so well on it!