Tuesday, March 16, 2010

First Flu

Easton has his first flu. Obviously this sick stuff isn't going away. Thrown up twice this morning and has the runs too. Poor kid.

On a lighter note, business is going well. I'm really excited to see our business grow and have more orders coming in.

On Sunday Soren and I spoke in church and then I taught Young Women's. It went well, but it is nice to have both of those done. We both really enjoy speaking and teaching, but keeping the two lessons seperate in my mind was a little tricky.

I am getting an elliptical this week from a dear friend. I am super excited to start exercising in home. I canceled my gym membership last year and have really missed it. Its so hard to get exercising in without that gym time. We don't really have room at our house, but we are moving things around to make room.

Easton is almost walking now. He takes quite a few steps on his own and is great at balancing himself. He can go up and down the stairs on his own and just cruises around. At 10 months he is doing pretty well.

Thats the happenings for now. Hopefully we'll have more good news to come.


Griff-Fam said...

I hope he feels better! It's so hard when your baby is sick.
I'm jealous of your elliptical! I'm going to look for some exercise equipment on craig's list when we move next, since we'll have a screened in back porch. I want to exercise out there while the kids play in the backyard or in the morning before they wake up. Have fun with that!

Natalie said...

Kilee - I am so sorry to hear about Easton! I am in Spokane and the 2nd day here, I got the Flu too! I swear, we can't get away from sickness either!!! Thankfully mine was only 24 hrs, but I hope Easton is feeling better. Poor boy! And hooray on your exercise machine, I am jealous!!!


I can't believe your little guy is almost walking. So exciting. Hope he gets over the flu fast. Congrats on the success of your business and the eliptical. It's so hard to exercise with a baby and just living life, but you've got to make time for you too. Take care, you guys.

Paul~Melissa said...

ugghhh! I hope you guys feel better soon! We need to get together too when you feel up to it! Congrats on the elliptical!

Kelli Duthrie said...

Whoa! Easton walking.. I can't wrap my head around that! So sorry to hear about the flu. That is miserable to be coming out like that on both ends! I hope he gets better soon!

I got the belts yesterday!! SOO adorable. I just had to put the pink one on Brinley today. Tomorrow it will be the goldie locks :). I will take pics as soon as I get batteries for my camera. Glad to hear business is picking up. I will catch up with you later. ;)