Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Lee Family Reunion

Soren's family has yearly family reunions and until this year he has successfully avioided them. We decided to go so that he and I could meet many of his relatives for the first time. It was a great trip. The reunion was held in St. George at the WorldMark Resorts. His Grandma had so kindly paid for all the rooms and we even got one of our own. There was swimming, quilting, ping pong, movies and lots of good food. We really had a nice time.

Soren's sisters are in the first picture. They is Kara and Amy. Soren's Mom Yvonne and I are in another picture below at the pool. We were also able to see Soren's paternal grandma who has recently moved in with the family. Her grandfather is the man Soren got his name from.


Emotions Zen said...
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Courtney and Sam said...

I just read your post below about Atlanta and just thought I'd say sorry we took the internet with us! :)